Butler County’s Service Excellence Award Program

Recognizing exceptional customer service is paramount to enhancing the Butler County visitor’s experience.


Butler County Service Excellence Award LogoButler County’s Service Excellence Award (BCSEA) program will not only recognize exceptional displays of customer service, it will also provide resources for businesses to create a culture of service. Focusing on the fundamentals of a great customer experience, the program's goal is to cultivate an environment where excellent customer service is recognized and rewarded in Butler County.

This will be a county-wide program for Tourism Bureau member businesses who want to strengthen their employee customer service capabilities.

Individual recognitions for the county-wide program will be based on nominations from a seven-member panel of “Ambassadors of Excellence,” who will visit businesses in different geographical regions of Butler County.

When an Ambassador recognizes an employee providing exceptional service, the Ambassador will present the employee a pin and only then identify themselves.

2022 Winners

Three Customer Service Professionals were honored as part of the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau’s (BCTCB) Service Excellence program Wednesday night at Della Terra Restaurant in Zelienople. Full Press Release

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Jim Crawford

First Place - Jim Crawford
Thoma’s Meat Market

Jim is a “get it done” type of guy. He takes it upon himself to help customers he suspects need it. He is very friendly and approachable and has a great knowledge of the products. You can tell from his demeanor that Jim truly enjoys what he is doing every day!

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Amanda Herr

Second Place - Amanda Herr
Cranberry Highlands Golf Course

As Assistant Events Manager, Amanda possesses the ability to think on her feet and remain calm under pressure, while keeping an upbeat and positive attitude in front of customers. Amanda, a Slippery Rock University graduate, shows leadership qualities and handles some difficult situations like a breeze.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Lori Korn

Third Place - Lori Korn
Forever Kindred Boutique

When it comes to customer service, Lori has it all. She has a warm, friendly personality and is very knowledgeable about Forever Kindred’s inventory. Lori is happy to answer any question and professional approach shows that she truly cares about the customer and wants to help. That defines Customer Service Excellence!

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Rley Lang

Riley Lang
Neff Haus

Congratulations to Riley Lang of Neff Haus Ice Cream, for being nominated for the Butler County Service Excellence Awards! Riley was attentive to our Butler County Ambassador’s needs starting with a phone inquiry about hours all the way through helping customers choose flavors, to striking up conversations upon payment!

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Caley King

Caley King
North Country Brewing

Caley, a server at North Country Brewing, was extremely friendly and upbeat during a busy night. She handled a special drink order easily and checked back to make sure it was made to satisfaction. When it comes time to order Caley does a great job in explaining the menu and giving suggestions when asked.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Annalease Folk

Annalease Folk
Eat-n-Park, Clearview Mall

Annalease’s smile never disappears when she waits on you. She understands the fine art of checking on customers at the correct times and she always pays attention to details – even spinning dessert so that the strawberry pie’s point is aimed at the diner.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Troy Rasely

Troy Rasely
Longhorn Steakhouse

Troy is extremely attentive to the customer – understanding their needs and having the patience to take them through the menu. No glass ever goes empty with Troy serving.


2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Haley McMaster

Haley McMaster
Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes Cafe

Haley, like everyone else at Wunderbar, is such a pleasant and “happy-to-help” barista, She thoroughly and enthusiastically describes the specialty crepes and teas. Haley doesn’t hesitate to ask questions to ensure all of the customers’ needs are met.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Hope Roberts

Hope Roberts
Birdwatchers Store

Hope is an outstanding sales professional whose goal is to solve the customers problem. She is not afraid to ask questions in order to understand the issue at hand. Enthusiastic, energetic, and experienced are three words which would describe Hope. She uses past experiences to develop solutions to satisfy customers.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Erin Lazor

Erin Lazor
Donut Connection

Erin has the special ability to know and understand her regulars quickly, plus she is super friendly and welcoming to every customer. Friendliness and understanding are among the hallmarks of outstanding customer service!

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Michelle Skal

Michelle Skal
Monroe Hotel

While Michelle displays outstanding multi-tasking skills, serving multiple tables at a time, she always maintains a positive, professional and friendly attitude. She has an extensive knowledge of the menu and the restaurant’s owners rely heavily on her. Michelle’s friendly personality and work ethic, has her loved by all the Monroe.


2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Gina Gennaro

Gina Gennaro
Cannella Cafe

Gina is frequently requested at Cannella Cafe and that is no surprise. She is extremely friendly and does an excellent job of multitasking, checking in, and making sure all customers are happy – as does the entire staff at Cannella. Bravo!

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Jessica Buffington

Jessica Buffington
Pennie’s Bakery

Jessica, who recently celebrated her second anniversary working at Pennie’s, does an excellent job in explaining specials, taking large orders but also understands the importance of possessing a solid knowledge of the bakery’s products. She can explain proper freezing and thawing procedures for baked goods for customers who may be traveling.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Ron Carter

Ron Carter
The Strand Theater

As the Executive Director of The Strand, you can tell he understands the importance of customer service excellence as he welcomes everyone at the theater as if it were his home. He goes to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction by doing what he can to seat patrons in the best spot possible. It’s easy to see how much Ron cares about the success of The Strand.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Jennifer Scanlon

Jennifer Scanlon
Pittsburgh Marriott North & Courtyard Marriott North

As Director of Sales, Jennifer needs to be super friendly and super professional – she succeeds at both tasks. She is extremely attentive to customer needs and misses no details. Jennifer is extremely well-liked and is one of the top salespeople in her organization.


2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Beth Miller

Beth Miller
Eva Bryn Shoetique

Beth is a new sales associate and the folks at Eva Bryn hit a home run with her hire. Beth is personable and energetic in greeting customers. Beth is dedicated to the customers needs as evidenced by the number of pairs of shoes she pulls for patrons. She makes useful suggestions and will go to great lengths – even getting on the floor to help with straps – so a customer can get the shoes that are the perfect fit.

2022 Service Excellence Nominee - Sarah Rothrock

Sarah Rothrock
Sips & Sweets

Sips & Sweets is a relatively new business in Zelienople but Sarah has a complete grasp on customer service excellence. She has the ability to make all customers feel welcome even at the busiest of times. As owner, Sarah obviously has a great knowledge of the menu and does a great job of sharing information.