Recognizing Superior Service in Butler County

Acknowledging exceptional customer service is paramount to enhancing the Butler County visitor’s experience.  Butler County’s Service Excellence Award program will not only recognize exceptional displays of customer service, it will also provide resources for businesses to create a culture of service.

By focusing on the fundamentals of a great customer service experience, the goal of the program will be to cultivate an environment where excellent customer service is recognized and rewarded in Butler County.

The program will be separated into two assessment periods: spring/summer and fall/winter. We will have anonymous ambassadors trained to identify exceptional customer service throughout different industries in Butler County.

Our ambassadors will use this condensed criteria to determine who gets nominated for the award:

  • Friendly and helpful attitude
  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty
  • Shows great follow-up
  • Portrays enthusiasm for their job
  • Gives detailed information about the product/service

Once the nominees have been selected a vetting process will determine the 14 finalists.  The winner of the Butler County Service Excellence Award will be chosen and presented with a special award at our annual meeting.


In the News

Award Recognizes Great Customer Service

2017 Service Excellence Award Winners


Our Tourism Ambassadors are surveying Butler County in search of those who are exceeding customer’s expectations by providing superior customer service.  Listed below are the nominees, business establishment and a brief description of the ambassador’s experience.


Madison Ferringer
Sheetz, Cranberry Twp.

NOMINEE: Madison Ferringer
Business: Sheetz (Rt. 19 and Ehrman Rd.), Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I went to Sheetz to purchase eggs, but did not find any on the shelves. I approached Madison who was refilling a coffee machine, and told her my problem. She went out of her way to find a carton of eggs for me then opened them to assure me that none were broken. Madison was so helpful, always kept a smile on her face and thanked me for visiting Sheetz.”


Donna Notte
Marshalls - Cranberry Twp.

NOMINEE: Donna Notte
Business: Marshalls - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary:  “Donna has waited on me many times at Marshalls, and she has always stood out because of her outstanding customer service. Each time she has greeted me with a warm smile, and regardless how busy the store is she always found time to ask me how I was doing. This particular day the store was super busy with Christmas shoppers, with over 10 people waiting in line, and all the registers were manned with employees. Regardless of the craziness of the store that day, Donna stayed calm and welcomed me and everyone in line with a smile and sincere greeting. She is a delight and a gem of Butler County.”



Thomas Olean
Freehling Lumber - Cabot

NOMINEE: Thomas Olean
Business: Freehling Lumber - Cabot

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Thomas always finds you in the store within a few minutes of arriving to offer assistance. He helps with suggestions and clarifies details. I was looking for a ladder and had several questions. Thomas answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He also unloads trucks, assists customers, takes inventory and other day to day activities.”


Erica Clem
OSIRIS Wellness and Day Spa
Evans City

NOMINEE: Erica Clem
Business: OSIRIS Wellness and Day Spa - Evans City

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I think OSIRIS is a hidden gem of Butler County. We have been customers for several years now, and every single visit we get the VIP treatment; they treat all their clients this way. We are normally greeted by Erica, and she always makes us feel welcomed and pampered the minute we walk through the door. She is very professional and cares about the needs of her customers. Over the years I have referred many friends and family to OSIRIS, and they all come back with having the same amazing experience. This company does everything right from the minute they greet you, until you leave. They take customer service to another level.”



Stephen Sutphen
Northwest Bank

NOMINEE: Stephen Sutphen
Business: Northwest Bank

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “My company was involved in a recent acquisition, and they received their loan through Northwest Bank. Stephen was our loan officer, and he gave us amazing customer service throughout the entire process. He worked with all parties involved including attorney’s and was quick to respond to our pressing deadlines. Stephen was extremely helpful, professional and went above and beyond to help us close the deal.”


Tamika Lipka
Panera Bread-Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Tamika Lipka
Business: Panera Bread-Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I have witnessed Tamika, on numerous occasions, bring great energy and friendliness to coworkers and customers at Panera. She always smiles, is very personable and makes every visit to Panera a pleasant one. Tamika jumps right into assisting customers and employees alike. She provides a heartfelt service to all of her customers while managing a very busy business, and is an outstanding representative of Butler County.”