Recognizing Superior Service in Butler County

The second installment of our Butler County Service Excellence Award program is complete.  We would like to thank all 29 of our nominees for providing exceptional customer service and going above and beyond to enhance each visitor’s experience.

Our top three finalists were: 

Anne Ambrose - Thoma Meat Market (front, left)

George Wallace - Toys R' Us (front, center)

Janice Hogan - Pittsburgh Marriott North (front, right)

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, George Wallace!


Acknowledging exceptional customer service is paramount to enhancing the Butler County visitor’s experience.  Butler County’s Service Excellence Award program will not only recognize exceptional displays of customer service, it will also provide resources for businesses to create a culture of service.

By focusing on the fundamentals of a great customer service experience, the goal of the program will be to cultivate an environment where excellent customer service is recognized and rewarded in Butler County.

The program will be separated into two assessment periods: spring/summer and fall/winter. We will have anonymous ambassadors trained to identify exceptional customer service throughout different industries in Butler County.

Our ambassadors will use this condensed criteria to determine who gets nominated for the award:

  • Friendly and helpful attitude
  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty
  • Shows great follow-up
  • Portrays enthusiasm for their job
  • Gives detailed information about the product/service

Once the nominees have been selected a vetting process will determine the 14 finalists.  The winner of the Butler County Service Excellence Award will be chosen and presented with a special award at our annual meeting.


In the News

Award Recognizes Great Customer Service

2017 Service Excellence Award Winners


Our Tourism Ambassadors are surveying Butler County in search of those who are exceeding customer’s expectations by providing superior customer service.  Listed below are the nominees, business establishment and a brief description of the ambassador’s experience.


Madison Ferringer
Sheetz, Cranberry Twp.

NOMINEE: Madison Ferringer
Business: Sheetz (Rt. 19 and Ehrman Rd.), Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I went to Sheetz to purchase eggs, but did not find any on the shelves. I approached Madison who was refilling a coffee machine, and told her my problem. She went out of her way to find a carton of eggs for me then opened them to assure me that none were broken. Madison was so helpful, always kept a smile on her face and thanked me for visiting Sheetz.”


Donna Notte
Marshalls - Cranberry Twp.

NOMINEE: Donna Notte
Business: Marshalls - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary:  “Donna has waited on me many times at Marshalls, and she has always stood out because of her outstanding customer service. Each time she has greeted me with a warm smile, and regardless how busy the store is she always found time to ask me how I was doing. This particular day the store was super busy with Christmas shoppers, with over 10 people waiting in line, and all the registers were manned with employees. Regardless of the craziness of the store that day, Donna stayed calm and welcomed me and everyone in line with a smile and sincere greeting. She is a delight and a gem of Butler County.”



Thomas Olean
Freehling Lumber - Cabot

NOMINEE: Thomas Olean
Business: Freehling Lumber - Cabot

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Thomas always finds you in the store within a few minutes of arriving to offer assistance. He helps with suggestions and clarifies details. I was looking for a ladder and had several questions. Thomas answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He also unloads trucks, assists customers, takes inventory and other day to day activities.”


Erica Clem
OSIRIS Wellness and Day Spa
Evans City

NOMINEE: Erica Clem
Business: OSIRIS Wellness and Day Spa - Evans City

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I think OSIRIS is a hidden gem of Butler County. We have been customers for several years now, and every single visit we get the VIP treatment; they treat all their clients this way. We are normally greeted by Erica, and she always makes us feel welcomed and pampered the minute we walk through the door. She is very professional and cares about the needs of her customers. Over the years I have referred many friends and family to OSIRIS, and they all come back with having the same amazing experience. This company does everything right from the minute they greet you, until you leave. They take customer service to another level.”



Stephen Sutphen
Northwest Bank

NOMINEE: Stephen Sutphen
Business: Northwest Bank

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “My company was involved in a recent acquisition, and they received their loan through Northwest Bank. Stephen was our loan officer, and he gave us amazing customer service throughout the entire process. He worked with all parties involved including attorney’s and was quick to respond to our pressing deadlines. Stephen was extremely helpful, professional and went above and beyond to help us close the deal.”


Tamika Lipka
Panera Bread-Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Tamika Lipka
Business: Panera Bread-Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I have witnessed Tamika, on numerous occasions, bring great energy and friendliness to coworkers and customers at Panera. She always smiles, is very personable and makes every visit to Panera a pleasant one. Tamika jumps right into assisting customers and employees alike. She provides a heartfelt service to all of her customers while managing a very busy business, and is an outstanding representative of Butler County.”



Christina Brombacher
White House Black Market
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Christina Brombacher
Business: White House Black Market - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I visited the White House Black Market and received amazing customer service from Christina. As soon as she saw I had clothing in my arms she set me up in the dressing room, which was great as now my hands were free to shop. She gave me some suggestions, and when I entered my dressing room she had placed some items that would be paired well with my choices. While I was trying on the clothing she checked on me to make sure I was ok with sizes, and asked if I needed anything. There was one piece of clothing the store didn't have in my size, so after checking the back storage she researched and found the item online and ordered it to be delivered right to my home. She did not miss a beat when it came to taking care of all my needs and did so in such a professional manner.”


Brandi Drake
Pittsburgh Marriott North
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Brandi Drake
Business: Pittsburgh Marriott North- Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Every month Brandi assists our organization with coordinating our board meetings at the Pittsburgh Marriott North. She is efficient, provides wonderful customer service and always takes such great care of us. Brandi is a joy to work with. I look forward to my monthly chats with her, and she continues to brighten up my day with her awesome attitude and sweet personality.”



Connie Hedrick
United States Postal Service - Cabot

NOMINEE: Connie Hedrick
Business: United States Postal Service - Cabot

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I am an eBay seller, and in the Cabot Post Office several times a week. Connie always greets me with a warm smile, and she is very helpful when I need assistance shipping something. Connie always has a positive demeanor and provides exceptional customer service.”


Jeff Double
All About Reclaimed - Butler

NOMINEE: Jeff Double
Business: All About Reclaimed - Butler

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Jeff oozes passion over serving his clients. After the passing of a dear friend, Jeff created an arrangement that was amazing; not just a template arrangement, but something unique and special. I also ordered flowers for another occasion, and the recipient knew exactly who the arrangement was from before reading the card. Jeff makes you feel special everytime you walk in the door. He works with you in creating gifts/flowers from your heart. Jeff is a very talented, thoughtful person and it shows.”



Trisha Loder
Cummings Coffee & Candy - Butler

NOMINEE: Trisha Loder
Business: Cummings Coffee & Candy - Butler

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Trish is very helpful in assisting customers with their coffee selection. After she asks customers their likes and dislikes, she gracefully makes the perfect cup. She goes above and beyond to help her customers and connects with them on a personal level by learning their name after they’ve been there a few times. Receiving great customer service and the perfect cup of coffee makes for a great start to they day.”


Anne Ambrose
Thoma's Meat Market- Saxonburg

NOMINEE: Anne Ambrose
Business: Thoma Meat Market- Saxonburg

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I visit Thoma Meat Market weekly and Anne is normally the lady who waits on me and does so with a smile. She continually helps me with the task of reading my wife's handwriting, and makes suggestions when my wife has requested certain cuts of meats that I didn't know existed. She also helps us with orders for the holidays and special dinners that we host. Anne always goes out of her way to help, but she would say ‘she's just doing her job’.”



Valerie Cannon
Speckled Hen Chocolate Company

NOMINEE: Valerie Cannon
Business: Speckled Hen Chocolate Company - Saxonburg

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Valerie goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service to her guest. Great customer service is just so natural for her, and she handles every order and request with enthusiasm. Valerie is always smiling and makes everyone in her store feel welcome. You can see she loves people and what she does for a living.”


Tricia Sample
Ulta Beauty

NOMINEE: Tricia Sample
Business: Ulta Beauty

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I visited Ulta to look for some new hair products and met a delightful young lady, Tricia. I was unfamiliar with a lot of the products and she took a great deal of time to explain the ingredients to me, and suggested products best suited for my hair. I was really impressed with her knowledge and demeanor. And to top it all off, I couldn't be happier with the products she suggested. She went above and beyond to take care of me.”



Stephanie Peth and April Kuhns
Anna Marie's Winery & Cafe - Butler

NOMINEE: Stephanie Peth and April Kuhns
Business: Anna Marie's Winery & Cafe - Butler

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I attended a surprise birthday party for my friend at Anna Marie's Winery & Cafe. There were about 40-50 people in our party, and these two waitresses did an amazing job taking care of all our needs. They both worked really hard to make sure we had a wonderful evening, and kept up with the demands of all guests. Both Stephanie and April are very deserving of this award.”


Rose Kershaw
The Sports Grille of Cranberry
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Rose Kershaw
Business: The Sports Grille of Cranberry - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Rose was very welcoming from the moment she greeted us. She thoroughly explained the menu, served us in a timely manner and made sure the food was prepared to our liking. She remained very attentive throughout the meal and was quick to refill our drinks. Rose also came by to check on us to see if we needed anything and took the time to chat with us for a bit. She provided wonderful customer service.”



Andi Hirth
Bonniebrook Club House & Golf Course

NOMINEE: Andi Hirth
Business: Bonniebrook Club House & Golf Course - Butler

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Andi provided excellent customer service, not only for me, but for a large group of my friends as well. Andi is the owner, and she waited on us, prepared the food and cashed us out. She was very accommodating to our special requests, all while serving her other customers. This new business will be successful because there is heart, soul and passion in everything she does.”


Janice Hogan
Pittsburgh Marriott North
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Janice Hogan
Business: Pittsburgh Marriott North - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I arrived for my meeting at the Marriott a few minutes early and noticed a woman picking up cigarette buds in the cold weather outside of the hotel. Janice saw that it needed to be done, and she didn’t want the litter to reflect poorly on the appearance of the hotel. Not many people would take the time to do something like that. The Pittsburgh Marriott North is lucky to have her as an employee.”



George Wallace
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: George Wallace
Business: Toys“R”Us - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: We were at Toys"R"Us comparing options in the electronics section trying to figure out what would be appropriate for our three-year old son. George went out of his way to help us, and he took the time to answer our questions about the product we were considering. He explained the pros and cons and provided some information on alternative options. I was genuinely surprised that George knew so much about the products and he explained that he's been at Toys"R"Us as an HR Supervisor / Sales Associate for almost nine years and trains new employees to be well-rounded with experience across the entire store. George truly exemplifies the idea of "Customer Service Excellence."


Beth Spence
Hines Ward's Tavern 86
Seven Fields

NOMINEE: Beth Spence
Business: Hines Ward's Tavern 86 - Seven Fields

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: ”Beth was an excellent server. She was very personable, recommended items that we might like and told us about her favorites. She also took the time to explain the details of my order.”



Liz Hawke
Family Tradition Restaurant

NOMINEE: Liz Hawke
Business: Family Tradition Restaurant - Harrisville

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Liz is a wonderful server and was a pleasure to be around. She greeted us in a friendly manner and immediately delivered our beverages. Liz has a terrific personality and a great smile. She was very attentive throughout our meal, and is a great example of service excellence.”


Julie Nehrer
North Park Lounge
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Julie Nehrer
Business: North Park Lounge - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Julie is a remarkable server and representative for North Park Lounge. She is always friendly, prompt and quick to serve. She communicates specials, makes suggestions and always smiles. She always gets our orders correct and truly seems to care about her customers.”



Sydney Haberlein
Eat'n Park - Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Sydney Haberlein
Business: Eat'n Park - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I received excellent customer service at Eat’n Park. Our server, Sydney, was very efficient and thoughtful. She answered all of our questions we had about the menu and had a wonderful sense of humor. She was very polite and made our dining experience a pleasant one.”


Lana Scobie
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Lana Scobie
Business: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Lana was an outstanding server. Upon greeting, she made you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Lana was attentive, knew the menu and explained the specials and entrees very thoroughly.”



Daryl Shipos
Cranberry Highland Golf Course
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Daryl Shipos
Business: Cranberry Highland Golf Course - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “For several years now, Darly has been our main contact for our rotary golf tournament. Daryl is an incredible representative of Cranberry Highlands and Butler County. He is so enthusiastic and professional. He makes suggestions for our event yet does everything we ask of him. His communication skills are remarkable and our events flow smoothly because of Daryl.”


Colby Wood
The Sports Grille of Cranberry
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Colby Wood
Business: The Sports Grille of Cranberry - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Colby was a remarkable server and went out of his way to accommodate our needs. He switched tables for us three times because our party kept growing, and he was very attentive to each guest.”



Cindi Freehling
Hotel Saxonburg - Saxonburg

NOMINEE: Cyndi Freehling
Business: Hotel Saxonburg - Saxonburg

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Cyndi Freehling is seen frequently at Hotel Saxonburg as one of the more experienced waitresses. She is always professional when serving our table by being timely, precise and describing the menu options by suggesting appealing entrees she thinks we would enjoy. Cindi is pleasant, speaks well and is always going beyond what you expect. Cindi makes the whole dining experience so enjoyable that we want to return soon and ask for her to serve us.”


Jill Warren
Philip Pelusi Hair Salon
Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Jill Warren
Business: Philip Pelusi Hair Salon - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Jill has been working at the hair and beauty salon for four years, and she’s been my hair designer for several years. Jill is extremely helpful when making suggestions that suit you and not a cut that she wants for you. She is enthusiastic, has great communication skills and always makes you feel wonderful when you leave the salon. Jill is a very talented and creative hairdresser. I would recommend her to anyone, especially if you are struggling to find a new look"



Marlene Micko
Armstrong Farms Bed & Breakfast

NOMINEE: Marlene Micko
Business: Armstrong Farms Bed & Breakfast - Saxonburg

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “ Marlene is the most enthusiastic and detailed customer oriented wedding coordinator in the region. Her skills are demonstrated by her excellent customer service to brides and grooms, family members, wedding party and guests. Marlene goes beyond and exemplifies the true meaning of customer service.”