Sample Itineraries

To make the most of your time in Butler County, plan your adventure around one of our Sample Itineraries. Because Butler has even more to offer, these samples are excellent templates for creating your own lasting memories!

  • Around Downtown Butler Itinerary

    Downtown Butler is perfect for a walking tour. We’ve laid out some great points of interest for you!

  • Butler County Artisan Trail

    Great talent can be found throughout the rolling hills of Butler County. Whether you are a creator, an admirer, or both, the Butler County Artisan Trail will provide you with a beautiful experience and one-of-a-kind treasures to brighten your home.

  • Discover Delightful, Diverse Saxonburg

    The town of Saxonburg is slightly off the beaten path, making it a true hidden treasure.  Whether you’re navigating Route 228, winding down Dinnerbell Road or cruising along Route 356, definitely follow the signs for Saxonburg!  This small historical town has a surprising amount of adventures to offer, and a unique German-esque charm.  The numbered attractions are all within walking distance, while the lettered attractions are just outside town.

  • Guys Getaway

    Venture out from your man cave and take advantage of all that Butler County has to offer. We've designed this weekend itinerary with you in mind.

  • Harmony Itinerary

    Harmony is the site of western Pennsylvania’s first National Historic Landmark District, including more than 50 buildings and retaining the architectural character o

  • Shopping on 19 from Cranberry to Portersville

    Whether you’re holiday gift shopping or just out and about shopping on a Saturday, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in one of the many shops located on Ro

  • Slippery Rock - This Town Rocks!

    Welcome to Slippery Rock!
    No, it’s not a joke. That is the real name of the town!

  • The Bird is the Word

    Whether you’re a birding enthusiast or just getting started in bird watching endeavors, there are plenty of avian friends to be spotted all across the county, from north to south.

  • The Great Walls of Butler County

    Butler County has so many great murals! So you can find them all easily, we made a walking tour of downtown Butler.

  • Tour of Zelienople

    Yes, we know it has an unusual name. Uncover some of the town’s treasures and you’ll discover why! Head North on Main Street and you’ll experience the old-fashioned charm of “Zelie.”

  • Wine & Spirits

    Enjoy a weekend of wines and spirits and we don’t just mean the alcoholic kind! While savoring (and even making) wine and beer, explore some Butler County sites haunted by spirits. Work your way through these stops at your own pace. When you’re ready for rest, check out hotels in Cranberry, Butler, or Slippery Rock.