The Passavant House

The Passavant House is home to a large collection of items relating to the Passavant Family and its place in Zelienople's history. Collections include clothing worn by early family members as well as furnishings, trunks, and household items brought from Germany. Items from the first Passavant store, family portraits, and several thousand letters written by and to Zélie Passavant, her children, other family members and friends are housed at Passavant House. The Lester Mohr Library and Society offices are located there. The Passavant House was made available to the Zelienople Historical Society in 1975, and now serves as a museum, library, and the headquarters for the society.

The Passavant House is brought to you by the Zelienople Historical Society.

Zelienople Historical Society Passavant House
243 S. Main Street
Zelienople, PA 16063
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