Quirky and Unique

  • Zelienople
    Baldinger's Market

    A trip to Baldinger’s will make you feel like a kid in a candy store (literally)!  The store still uses an old-fashioned crank cash register and has penny candy that actually costs one cent.  A fav

  • Evans City
    Evans City Cemetery

    The Evans City Cemetery is no ordinary cemetery, it's where The Night of The Living Dead was shot, beginning the world-wide craze for Zombies!

  • Hilliards
    Glass Blowing Center

    Come and visit the Glass Blowing Center’s gift shop containing glass gifts for every occasion, taste, and budget. The Glass Blowing Center is open seven days a week from 10am – 6pm. While at the gift shop, the public will observe live, narrated glassblowing demonstrations, set inside the Glass Blowing Center’s lecture hall, where guests may capture every step of the rare and extraordinary art of glass blowing.

  • Harmony
    Harmony Society Cemetery

    The Harmony Society Cemetery contains about 100 graves, but only one of them is marked, and that's town founders Georg Rapp's son Johannes Rapp who died prematurely.

  • Saxonburg
    John Roebling's Historic Saxonburg Society, Inc.

    German immigrant, John Augustus Roebling and his brother Karl founded Saxonburg in 1832 with a purchase of 1600 acres of land on a gentle ridge that would be suitable for farming and offer a new li

  • Mars

    Yes, there really is life on Mars, and residents take full advantage of the fun opportunities their town’s name creates.

  • Slippery Rock
    North Country Brewing Company

    North Country Brewing Company is nested within one of the original structures of Main Street Slippery Rock.  Built in 1805, our elvish colonial pub serves sturdy fare sourced from our farm and our

  • Butler
    Playthings Etc. Family Toy & Hobbies

    Playthings Etc. is the World's Coolest Toy Store! Inside this spaceship shaped building there are awesome toys for the entire family! It is the coolest toy store experience you will ever have.

  • Butler
    Tack Operator Training "Blue Ribbon Experience"

    Great Gift Idea for the person who has everything. Let your childhood dreams come true! Did you ever think you could climb up on this BIG machine and Operate it?

  • Evans City
    The Living Dead Museum and Gift Shop

    The Living Dead is a celebration of Zombies in Pop-Culture. Located in the town center of Evans City, PA, location of the original film, George A.

  • Butler
    The Maridon Museum

    The Maridon opened on May 8th, 2004. It is the only museum in the Western Pennsylvania region with a specific focus on Chinese and Japanese art and culture.

  • Portersville
    The Snowman

    The Snowman is a one-of-a-kind, 13-foot tall roadside attraction where we offer 24 Shave Ice (100% Pure Cane Sugar) + 7 Sugar Free (Splenda) Flavors. Get the Yeti!