Guest Blog Post:  Baldinger’s & Mazza Wines


As a child, nothing was more exciting that walking into a candy store and seeing all the brightly colored sweets on the shelves just calling out to me. As an adult, not much has changed… there is still the same call from the sweet treats, however now I don’t have to beg mom and dad for some money to buy candy.  Now I can buy it myself, which can be dangerous for my wallet! Seeing a few pieces of candy that are only a dollar you think, what the heck, I’ll buy some for me, for my friends, maybe some for my co-workers and by the end, you’ve spent thirty some dollars on candy and you’re really not sure how that happened. I know this has happened to me more times than I care to admit. But hey, it’s an easy and affordable way to make people happy!

If you take a peek inside Baldinger’s Candy, their vast colors and selection of candy might make for a difficult decision!  Maybe some Betsy Ann Chocolate Pretzels to indulge on the salty sweet experience, or maybe the old fashioned candy sticks with their array of flavors interest your taste buds today? If you’re not looking for sweets, check out all the different shapes and sizes of cookie cutters available for purchase. This is a great place to be if you have a sweet tooth, enjoy chocolate or just appreciate the old fashioned feel as well as the tasty classic candies you may remember from your childhood. Growing up, I remember a lot of these classic candies that are in this shop that brought up some sweet memories. I may not be old enough to remember their old fashioned cash registers in their heyday, but I can appreciate the classic feeling you get from Baldingers!

Wine is another one of those guilty pleasures I have in my adulthood. One of the best parts about local wine shops is they’ll let you sample their wine, most without an additional cost to you! Mazza Wine Shop lets you sample for free, so you won’t be taking home a disappointing bottle like you may do in some of the state stores. Another perk about going to the Mazza Wine Shop is that it is only a few literal steps away from the sweets of Baldinger’s Candy! Not only can you satisfy a sweet tooth, but you can enjoy adult beverages, too! After taking a stroll down memory lane with Baldinger’s candy, it is tempting to go for some samples of wine!  There are over 50 varieties of wine to taste and purchase.  It’s worth a stop, maybe without the kids around.

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Katelyn, one of Butler County Tourism’s interns! I enjoy writing about the experiences I have with local businesses like Baldinger’s Candy and Mazza Wine Shop. This experience at these shops was my first and more than likely not my last! I look forward to telling more stories about my time in Butler County.