Top 10 Things To Be Thankful For in Butler County!

Thanksgiving will soon be here so it’s time to think of what you’re thankful for. Here are 10 of our favorite things about Butler County that we are thankful for!


State Park:
More than one million visitors visit our treasured Moraine
State Park each year making it one of the top parks in PA! There are plenty of
outdoor activities to keep you busy on land and on water no matter what season! 

Location: Butler
County is located just 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh and you can easily get to
Butler County via the PA Turnpike, I-79, I-80 and Route 422, 19 and 8.  The county is delightfully diverse with its
busy hub of Cranberry Township and contrasting rolling farmland. Each of our cities and towns are delightfully different from each other making a visits to each one-of-a-kind.  


History: The county
is full of rich history including German ties in Harmony, Evans City and
Zelienople, the invention of the Jeep in Butler, and a replica Brooklyn Bridge
in Saxonburg in honor of its founder, John Roebling, who designed the real
Brooklyn Bridge.  

Seasons: In Butler
County, we have four distinct seasons each with their own beautiful sights to
see and activities to take part in. Celebrate springtime at Jennings
Environmental Education Center
in PA’s only public and protected prairie, enjoy
summer along Lake Arthur’s shoreline, embrace autumn driving north on Route 19
watching the leaves change, and welcome winter with holiday lights lining our
small town streets.  


Follow the historic markers along George Washington’s route
through Butler County and relive Washington’s first military expedition while
visiting historic and natural attractions along the way.

Events: There’s
always an exciting event happening in Butler County.  Numerous major festivals and events take
place each month and one of our favorites in the month of November is Harmony
Museum’s annual WeihnachtsMarkt (Christmas Market)!

Ever want to learn how to stand up paddle board? How about
hand-blow glass? Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a one-of-a-kind etched
pendant? Businesses in Butler County welcome you to experience things hands-on!


Whether you’re just stopping into a local small business to
shop or you’re visiting them as part of an event, you’ll be greeted by friendly
faces that make you feel like you’ve known them for years.  The farms that were part of the Butler County
Farm Tour even welcomed hundreds of visitors to their farmsteads to share their


Arts: From art
galleries to concerts and theater productions, there are tons of opportunities
to take in arts and culture during a visit to the county.  

10.     Local Food Products: It feels good to know where
your food comes from doesn’t it? You’re supporting your neighbors and fueling
your body with fresh, local fare! Butler County has plenty of that! You can even
look for a special “Made
in Butler County” sticker on products like Zanella Milling’s Buckwheat