Peace, Love & Little Donuts of Cranberry

Peace, Love & Little Donuts is the grooviest donut shop this side of the Milky Way. Awarded the best donut shop in America. We make our little donuts continuously fresh throughout the day using only the best of groovy ingredients.

Our customers say that our donuts are the boss! So beat feet to one of our 1970s-inspired donut and coffee shops and watch your hot, fresh donuts being made and hand-frosted/ topped with the hippest flavors we can find. Can you dig it? We knew you could.

Feed your inner hippie to get a little peace today.

Peace, Love & Little Donuts of Cranberry
20325 Route 19 Cranberry Gardens Plaza
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
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Average: 2.4 (5 votes)