Timberdoodle Flutter

Come join us in pursuit of one of the most unusual birds found in Pennsylvania - the American
Woodcock - also known as the timberdoodle, night partridge, bigeye, bogsucker or mudsnipe. With a
wingspan up to twenty inches, this chunky bird has big eyes, a very long bill and is very vocal.
Timberdoodle numbers have seen a dramatic decline due to loss of young forest habitat over the past
decades. However, habitat improvement work is being done here at Moraine to enhance forest and
shrub habitat to support a greater diversity of wildlife, including the woodcock. Join guest speaker Jeff
Herrick, Habitat Management Biologist with the Wildlife Management Institute, who is spearheading the
habitat work here at Moraine to learn the importance of young forest habitats for wildlife, and tips to
develop young forest habitat on your land. In addition, Jeff will provide information on funding
availability for wildlife habitat practices on private land. After the presentation, set out on a short hike in
search of woodcock, perhaps to see the aerial acrobatics of their spring mating ritual, the
“Timberdoodle Flutter”. Attendees should bring binoculars, warm clothes, and field footwear.
This twilight woodcock flight is weather dependent, so keep your fingers crossed for mostly
clear skies and very little wind. Pre-registration Required. Registration is on DCNR Calendar of
Events webpage.

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Apr 13 2023 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Pavilion #7 McDanel’s Launch Area (North Shore) PA
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