Experience Butler County, PA

Discover meaningful experiences that will create opportunities for quality time with family and friends.

There are many hands-on workshops and activities that you can enjoy in Butler County, such as creating handmade art, making edible treats, or encountering furry friends. Perfect for private events, family fun, girl’s nights, dates, and me time — these experiences will teach you new skills, create lifelong memories, and give you the joy of living in the moment.

Create New Things

Discover happiness in making new things. Trying out new crafts like flower arranging, wreath making, basket weaving, and more. Relax and grow in your knowledge of special skills with a like-minded community.


Channel Your Inner Creativity

Butler County has many different art studios for you to get in touch with your artistic side. Imagine, design, and create your own masterpiece with paint, clay, wood, ceramics, glass, and more!


Experience Adventure

Get your sweat on and try adventurous activities all-year round with indoor and outdoor options. Whether you want to try an exhilarating sport or find inner peace through exercise and nature, there is something for everyone.


Discover Culinary Arts

Get to know the creative side of food and drink with hands-on classes in a few mediums. From becoming a chocolatier to trying your hand at mixology, there are fun experiences to learn skills surrounding food and drink.


Kid’s Choice Award Winners

Butler County has several spots to keep kids entertained throughout the whole year. From art classes and toy demonstrations to indoor adventure parks and arcades, these options are crowd pleasers for all ages.