Experience Butler County

Special Interests


If you enjoy the exploring the great outdoors Butler County has numerous trails to discover. You’ll find not only hiking, walking, and bike trails, but exciting places to go see all kinds of wildflowers and birds. Lace up a good pair of shoes and get moving!


Young or young-at-heart, you'll love Butler County! Here are some of our top attractions for children.


Whether you’re a birding enthusiast or just getting started in bird watching endeavors, there are plenty of avian friends to be spotted all across the county, from north to south.


Whether you’re looking for the chance to get your kids reconnected with nature and family, or maybe you’re a die-hard angler seeking a trophy, Butler County offers the perfect fishing destination.


Seasonal Activities


Butler County turns green! The snow is finally melting, nature is budding and blooming and new life is in the air! March through June, the county is on defrost and the earth comes alive. This is a great time to get out and to dig in to the past or a hands-on activity.


The earth is warming, the sun is shining and everything just seems brighter. June through September, Butler County is a place to explore beautiful scenery, soak up the sun and find exciting events and attractions all summer long. It’s the perfect time to go swimming, camping, golfing and much more, with new and exciting things to try around every corner!


Autumn brings so many changes to Butler County: weather, foliage, flavors, fun! As the leaves change from green to an array of oranges and yellows, crisp evenings of hayrides, corn mazes and chowing down on all things pumpkin flavored begin. All over the county our farms, eateries, attractions and towns add exciting twists just in time for fall.


Imagine snow glistening on the tree tops, lining the roads, adding a twinkle of light to the architecture. The winter months in Butler County are typically chilly and snow-filled. It’s the perfect time to spend a weekend in one of our B&Bs, cuddling with the one you love.