Recognizing Superior Service in Butler County

Acknowledging exceptional customer service is paramount to enhancing the Butler County visitor’s experience.  Butler County’s Service Excellence Award program will not only recognize exceptional displays of customer service, it will also provide resources for businesses to create a culture of service.

By focusing on the fundamentals of a great customer service experience, the goal of the program will be to cultivate an environment where excellent customer service is recognized and rewarded in Butler County.

The program will be separated into two assessment periods: spring/summer and fall/winter. We will have anonymous ambassadors trained to identify exceptional customer service throughout different industries in Butler County.

Our ambassadors will use this condensed criteria to determine who gets nominated for the award:

  • Friendly and helpful attitude
  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty
  • Shows great follow-up
  • Portrays enthusiasm for their job
  • Gives detailed information about the product/service

Once the nominees have been selected a vetting process will determine the 14 finalists.  The winner of the Butler County Service Excellence Award will be chosen and presented with a special award at our annual meeting.


Our Tourism Ambassadors are surveying Butler County in search of those who are exceeding customer’s expectations by providing superior customer service.  Listed below are the nominees, business establishment and a brief description of the ambassador’s experience.


NOMINEE: Lori Stanfield
Business: BonAire Fine Wine & Spirits - Butler

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: "Lori Stanfield greeted me and asked if she could help. Instead of pointing to the location, she walked with me to the aisle and explained that they had several brands and sizes. What impressed me was that Lori also pointed out which ones were the most popular and which were the best prices for the size. Then, when I checked out Lori did something that doesn't always happen. As I inserting my chip debit/credit card, she asked to see my photo ID (It was not because of my age! haha) on the back of my card, I have written show id although it is rare that cashiers ask to see it. I was impressed that Lori took the time and cared about protecting the customer-and others."


NOMINEE: Brenda Turner
Business: Kohl's - Butler

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: "At the end of a busy weekend night in the store, I was greeted at the checkout counter with a beautiful smile and very friendly “hello” from the point of sale associate, (cashier) Brenda Turner. Because I was spending more money that I planned, Brenda gave me a coupon. To me, this showed that Brenda was supporting the store’s initiative to increase sale while helping me financially by applying a coupon. Brenda did not just take my money-she made sure that I had a positive shopping experience with her extremely pleasant personality, interest in me as a customer, attention to the way she bagged my items and willingness to give me a good deal. Brenda shared with me that she had just asked another associate, “Am I doing a good job?” I smiled because that showed me even more that she cared and had a desire to provide excellent customer service."


NOMINEE: Molly McGinnis  
Business: Luciano's Italian Brick Oven- Mars

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: "Molly McGinnis works as a waitress at Luciano's Restaurant and attends college at the University of Pittsburgh. She was very attentive, polite and caring - she wanted to make sure we were enjoying our food. We watched her working hard at other tables too, and she never slowed down. Molly was extra friendly-her personality and smile charmed us!”


NOMINEE: Jodi Shirey
Business: Serventi's Ristorante - Butler Airport

Tourism Ambassador's Summary:  “Jodi approached our table smiling - she pleasantly greeted us and introduced herself. She then asked if we had time restrictions for lunch because, if so, she wanted to make sure we were out of there on time – to me, that was very considerate and rarely happens.  Throughout the meal, Jodi was very attentive to our needs by bringing extra napkins and filling our glasses without being asked. Overall, she made our lunch more enjoyable.”


NOMINEE: Kailyn Olsen
Business: Juniper Grill - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “We went out for our anniversary to Juniper Grill. Kailyn was a wonderful server. She was friendly and went out of her way to make our evening special.”


NOMINEE: Nikki Slomers
Business: Planet Fitness  - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “Nikki was very pleasant and welcoming. She answered all my questions and went above and beyond to explain the services provided at Planet Fitness and suggested the ones that best suited my needs.”


NOMINEE: Marsha Schnur
Business: Fine Wine and Spirits - Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I needed a small birthday gift for a friend, and decided to check out the small wine samples. Marsha Schnur approached me and asked if I had any questions. She explained the differences in the wine, and I thanked her for her help. Within a few minutes, Marsha approached me again – She had made an excellent recommendation for my friend’s gift.  She is a wonderful example of an employee who gives exceptional service because she is friendly, observant and caring!”


Patricia Stansfield
Lowes- Cranberry Township

NOMINEE: Patricia Stansfield
Business: Lowes- Cranberry Township

Tourism Ambassador's Summary: “I was looking for a product at Lowes, and Patricia Stansfield, the cashier on duty,  pointed me in the right direction. I had the most amazing customer service when I returned to the checkout area. First, Patricia asked if I found what I needed and if I wanted assistance putting everything in my car. Even though it started to rain, Patricia went out of her way to help load a heavy bag of gravel because other workers were busy. Patricia was genuinely wanting and willing to give me the best possible customer service.”