Recognizing Superior Service in Butler County

Acknowledging exceptional customer service is paramount to enhancing the Butler County visitor’s experience.  Butler County’s Service Excellence Award program will not only recognize exceptional displays of customer service, it will also provide resources for businesses to create a culture of service.

By focusing on the fundamentals of a great customer service experience, the goal of the program will be to cultivate an environment where excellent customer service is recognized and rewarded in Butler County.

The program will be separated into two assessment periods: spring/summer and fall/winter. We will have anonymous ambassadors trained to identify exceptional customer service throughout different industries in Butler County.

Our ambassadors will use this condensed criteria to determine who gets nominated for the award:

  • Friendly and helpful attitude
  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty
  • Shows great follow-up
  • Portrays enthusiasm for their job
  • Gives detailed information about the product/service

Once the nominees have been selected a vetting process will determine the 14 finalists.  The winner of the Butler County Service Excellence Award will be chosen and presented with a special award at our annual meeting.