Glass Blowing Center

Come and visit the Glass Blowing Center’s gift shop containing glass gifts for every occasion, taste, and budget. While at the gift shop, the public will observe live, narrated glassblowing demonstrations, set inside the Glass Blowing Center’s lecture hall, where guests may capture every step of the rare and extraordinary art of glass blowing.

The Glass Blowing Center also hosts free large group demonstrations as well as free children’s birthday parties set inside their lecture hall, which accommodates up to 100 guests. Have a broken glass keepsake? The Glass Blowing Center has an expert repair service. Are you interested in learning this exciting, ancient art form? The Glass Blowing Center offers both private and group glass lessons in several different areas of discipline, such as jewelry and sculpture. A visit to the Glass Blowing Center will leave you enlightened, entertained, and quite possibly awestruck.


114 Leonard Rd.
Hilliards, PA 16040
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