The County for Kids

Young or young-at-heart, you'll love Butler County! Here are some of our top attractions for children...

Kid's Picks Blog - Anthony & Ava's Favorite Things - On 'Take Your Child to Work Day', the Tourism Bureau gained two honorary employees, Anthony and Ava.  While they spent some time with us, we asked them to list their favorite things to do in Butler County and why they enjoy them; here’s what they had to say: Read More


One glance at these fuzzy creatures and you'll want to be their friend!  Visit with the alpacas and take home some alpaca fleece goodies..


Spend a night in the great outdoors with one of these great camping locations. Don’t miss out on the special themed weekends such as Princess & Superheros weekend at Jellystone Park or Gold Rush Days at Bear Run Campground. Enjoy the array of family-friendly activites and much more.



From hard candies to decadent chocolate truffles, Butler County’s candy shops have something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Summer Programs

Exploring nature trails to making your own fossils, there is certain to be something for your child to do this summer that allows them to learn through imagination and creativity.


Cool Treats

Fresh frozen custard, shaved ice, frozen yogurt, to your own sweet concoction... there’s an endless possibility of cool treats to choose from!

Festivals & Events

Be sure to check out our calendar of events for the latest happenings from nature programs to free concerts!  Here are some kid-friendly festivals to watch for:

Outdoor Fun

Whether you like to fish or hike, Butler County is the perfect place for every outdoor enthusiast. With numerous parks to choose from there is an activity fit for the whole family.


Playtime/Toy Stores

If you’re looking for the latest toy or one from when you were a child, you are sure to find what you need at the toy stores located in Butler County.

Sports & Recreation

Looking to take the family out to a ball game? Or maybe even go sure to check out some of the various family friendly options Butler County has to offer!


Bright sunny day or cold winter nights, Butler County has numerous pools and facilities to allow you to swim anytime of the year!