Butler County's Many Faces of Tourism

Butler County's "Many Faces of Tourism” is a remake of a 2008 video, highlighting the impact of tourism. Featuring interviews with Maggie Stock, Mayor of Butler; Jerry Andree, Manager of Cranberry Township; Dan Bickel, Moraine State Park Manager; Josh Meeder, owner of The Center of Harmony; Bob McCafferty, owner of North Country Brewing Company; and Kathy Allen, owner of Armstrong Farms, the video demonstrates what the Bureau does for the county and how huge of an impact tourism has on residents and businesses alike.

Butler County residents should take 15 minutes to watch “Many Faces of Tourism.” It’s a great reminder of all the things we promote and have to be proud of from our impressive state parks to our small family-owned businesses. Both residents and visitors have an important face in the tourism industry. The more pride we have locally, the more satisfaction visitors will find.

The video remake is about five minutes longer than the original version. It has grown, just as the Bureau continues to grow.  Join us and become a member today!