Tokens Arcade

Tokens Arcade is a family owned and operated arcade located in Lyndora, Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on creating a fun, friendly environment where everyone is welcome. Our facility is a token of days gone by - come and enjoy the throw-back atmosphere and have some fun!

Our ever-growing collection currently features over 10 different pinball machines with games like The Hobbit, Tales from the Crypt, Tommy, Attack from Mars, and Terminator 2.

There’s a NEO GEO machine with over a hundred cool games from the early 90’s!

We also have over 60 Eighties era arcade games in a single multi-cade, including the classics like Pac Man, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Asteroid, Frogger, and many more. Plus a claw machine, Jurassic World, Roadblaster, Hang On, and Space Invaders Deluxe!

All games at Tokens are on free-play (except the claw, which is only fifty cents to play).

We are a BYOB facility, but ask that players be respectful of our family-friendly atmosphere.

Tokens Arcade is available to rent for private parties by reservation. If you are interested in renting out our facility, or if you have a machine in need of repair, please call 724-333-7446 or use the booking tool on our Facebook page to request a time!

Tokens Arcade
18 Chesapeake St.
Lyndora, PA 16045
Type of Attraction:
Upcoming Events:
Butler Pinball League Finals 2023
Mar 23 2023 (All day)
April Pinball Tournament
Apr 22 2023 (All day)
August Pinball Tournament
Aug 26 2023 (All day)
Halloween Pinball Tournament
Oct 28 2023 (All day)
December Pinball Tourney
Dec 2 2023 (All day)