Sweetwater Farms Pennsylvania

We are a first-generation family owned Market Farm located in New Sewickley Twp, PA.

We provide our produce through Farmer's Markets, CSA program and local restaurants. Our goal at Sweetwater Farms is to provide fresh produce to our family and community through responsible, sustainable, organic based practices.  We choose to use the practices that we implement on our farm because not only does it provide safe nutrient-dense food, but it also helps to improve the quality of the land by using these methods.

About Us

​​In one way or another, Ben has had his hands in the dirt for the last thirteen years. After graduating from West Virginia University, Ben moved to the Pittsburgh area and started a landscaping company which he ran for seven years. He then decided to go back to school to pursue his teaching degree. During his 9 years of teaching Biology and Ecology, he introduced aquaponics systems into several classrooms. The students grew lettuce, arugula and kale and enjoyed harvesting the greens to add to their lunches. Ben grew up gardening with his mother and grandfather which helped drive his passion to farm. While living and teaching in Central Pennsylvania for a few years, he began helping a friend with his farm. He quickly realized this was something he loved and wanted to do himself so he, along with his wife Suzanne, son Owen and dog Tanner, relocated back to the Pittsburgh area to be closer to friends and family and start Sweetwater Farms.

Suzanne has always had a love for food and cooking. Her interest in growing her own food started while she was pregnant. She wanted to eat as healthy as possible while also knowing where her food was coming from. This way of thinking has continued as she tries to cook for her family using fresh ingredients as much as possible.  She feels that having the ability to walk into her back yard and harvest healthy food to put on her family’s table is very rewarding and the flavors are unlike any other.

Our Market

After wrapping up a very busy 2020 Farmers Market season, we felt it was important to be able to continue to offer fresh produce to our community year-round. We decided to open our store-front due to the amount of support that we received from community members and restaurant partners. In addition to produce we carry many other local business’ goods ranging from jams, jellies, syrup, diary, eggs, meat, pickled vegetables, flour, artisan breads, honey, pasta, sauces, coffee, tea, salts and spices, soaps, lotions, candles and much more from all around the city and state. We also offer some specialty items such as 100% grass-fed beef and cheese, organic flour, non-homogenized milk, duck and quail eggs, elk, bison and venison. Some of our partnerships include Made by Scratch Co, Novel Breads, Hunter Brothers Coffee, Liokareas, Forma Pasta, Zanella Milling, Sutton Farms, Santas Heritage Farm, Fallen Aspen Farms, Pasture Maid, Broadrun Farms, Tupelo Honey Teas, Pittsburgh Pickle Co, Steel City Salts, Batch, Goat Rodeo and many more.

We plan to start offering classes and events in-store as well as farm-to-table dinners this year so follow us on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe on our website to stay in the know!


Sweetwater Farms Pennsylvania
100 Perry Highway, ste 111
Harmony, PA 16037
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