Ways to Warm Up | Part 1

Let’s face it.  Even if you’re a winter lover, anything below zero degrees is too cold!  So I’m seeking out some awesome ways to warm up.  What better than beer and coffee?  Two of America’s favorite vices!

First up is Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes in Harmony, PA.  I love Wunderbar for many reasons, one being the proximity to our office.  Needless to say, we are regulars.  So during this “warm up” quest, I hope to broaden our horizons and spread the small business love to other Butler County coffee shops.


I am a frappe fan, but that’s not really helpful in January!  So let’s talk hot drinks.  Shown here is a mocha (which yes, I spilled a little bit… oops!)  Two others I would recommend are the Wunderbar Mocha, which is their signature, made with chocolate and hazelnut (Nutella fans, rejoice) and the Lucky Latte.  You won’t find the Lucky Latte on the menu.  It was a St. Patrick’s Day feature that I’ve continually ordered since March.  It’s a latte with a perfect blend of mint and Irish creme.  Not as sweet as the mochas, so it’s a great choice!

Not talking crepes right now, but FYI the Crepe Suzette is what’s pictured above and it was delicious!

The next way to warm up is with beer from North Country Brewing Company.  Here’s “The Brewery” at dusk:


You can find their beer here, at The Harmony Inn, or in cans and taps all over the place.  This is the root of it all, though, and the atmosphere and food are amazing.

I don’t actually like beer (I know… I know… I’m crazy) so enlisted some friends to help with that part.  Here are some favorites among my crew:

Firehouse Red, which is rich, malty and smooth.  It’s also a great choice because some of the profit benefits the local fire station.

Another favorite is the Fruit Bowl.  This one changes regularly.  Last week it was apricot.  My husband especially loves when it’s blueberry.  My coworker digs the peach.  So this is sure to please and to not be boring!

Thus concludes part one of “Ways to Warm Up.”  More hot beverages coming your way soon!