Muddy Creek Wetland Restoration Project

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Joseph Reid
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Third Quarter 2019
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I have this saying, "When in doubt, turn left!" I first used it playing video games then it spread to the rest of my life. I was hiking along the "Multi Use Trail" in Moraine State Park over by the Snyder Cemetery and, pressed for time, walked right by the unmarked path. Well, I got to the end of my planned hike and started back. I came to the unmarked trail head again, this time on my left and couldn't help myself. I'm sure glad I took the leap. At the end of the trail there's a marker that reads: MUDDY CREEK WETLAND RESTORATION PROJECT A rest stop for migrating waterfowl funded by WATERFOWL, USA BUTLER COUNTY CHAPTER And dedicated to the memory of: Courtney Eakin 8/30/1952 - 9/7/2000 If you're like me, you've never heard of this's not on any of the maps and there are no signs, but it is the most beautiful spot in all of Moraine State Park
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